We Are Recycling Specialists

Our company has specialized personnel to address each of your needs. We have a staff with years of experience in environmental services. Recycling is the reduction and transformation of waste into raw materials. These concepts make THE GREEN WORLD a company dedicated to continuous improvement and providing effective and safe solutions at competitive costs.


On-site services

Waste minimization at CEAMSE. Transformation of waste into remnants.
By providing personnel and equipment, we install ourselves at the generator's plant to project ZERO WASTE. To make this a reality, in most cases we take care of the CEAMSE fee and its transportation.

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Transformation of special waste

We have a team to transform special waste into non-special waste and supplies. This transformation implies a drastic reduction in transportation and final disposal costs.

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Destruction of products and raw materials

We set up at the generator's plant to ensure the quality destruction of their non-marketable products, as well as non-suitable raw materials for manufacturing. The premise is always that once destroyed, the obtained product should be recycled.

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Purchase of scrap and obsolete equipment

Dismantling of machines, warehouses, and equipment. With the appropriate personnel and equipment, we remove scrap, equipment, and machines not suitable for production from your industrial plant.

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